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Jason Charles-Nelson

Music Director | Composer | Arranger

Based in London, Jason Charles-Nelson is a renowned pianist, composer and musical director with a taste for virtuosic flair. He is an experienced music tutor with a BA (Hons) from Brunel University - where he majored studying a number of key concepts concerning professional music performance, analytical study, and principles of music composition.


An established creative professional today, Jason leads the music direction for the successful theatre production, Oliva Tweest (2014-present), along with the dynamic, London-based gospel choir, Insignia. His work has also been commissioned in the short film industry, having penned the score for Mistaken [2015], a Peter Martin Films production, along with a number of community based projects that tackle issues such as domestic violence. He has written and produced material for the likes of 2008 'The X Factor' winner Alexandra Burke and MOBO Award-winning singer-songwriter, Rachel Kerr.


Compositionally, Jason's style can be described as intuitively reasoned in approach, yet profoundly resonant in the message it conveys to the listener. In his works, he hones in on the subtleties of dynamic and harmonic variation, using them in tandem to produce a strikingly vivid palette of sonic colours. His personal touch also shines through in his methods of direction and tuition, having gained vast experience working with students and practioners of all ages both across the educational system and within the domain of professional performance. 


SPECIALTIES: Professional Music Performance, Instrumental and Theoretical Tuition (for all ages/abilities), Music Direction and Composition, Digital Audio Production (using Logic Pro DAW software), MIDI Programming, Choral Direction and Vocal Training, Cast & Band/Ensemble Leadership.



Deborah Charles-Nelson

Lyricist | Vocalist

Deborah is a seasoned singer and songwriter who specialises in the field of gospel music. As an artist, she has been well-received in the public domain, garnering praise from leading figures within the music industry for her popular Deejay Sessions YouTube series, in which she showcases medleys of original songs and covers with measured ease and elegance. 


She has written and performed on a number of contemporary works as part of the dynamic London-based choir, Insignia, and has worked closely as a performer with MOBO Award-winning artist, Rachel Kerr, since 2011. A diverse range of her writing can be heard on the second Insignia album, Worship Unusual [2017].

Stylistically, Deborah's sound can be described as a free flowing and highly emotive, consisting of a colourful blend of soulful R&B and an earthy interpretation of soft rock, with a rustic, alternative quality as its hallmark. Her influences include artists such as Adele and Mali Music, and this is evident in her work to date.

SPECIALTIES: Vocal Performance, Professional Songwriting, Vocal Training and Direction, Vocal Arrangement and Choral Direction.



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